Finding the Best Fit: Over-Ear Headphones vs. On-Ear Headphones

When shopping for headphones, it is important to know which style works best for you and your lifestyle. While over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones are very similar, they have major differences that can affect your listening experience. From comfort to performance, read on to learn more about these headphones styles before you pick out your perfect pair.


Over-ear headphones completely cover the ear, which typically makes these headphones a bit heavier on the head. It’s important that they have a comfortable padded headband to alleviate any pressure. Our Krankz Maxx have an adjustable comfort-cushioned headband and padded ear cups for maximum comfort and better active noise cancellation than similar headphones.

On-ear headphones sit directly on the ear. While these headphones are more lightweight, some can irritate the ears during long listening sessions. They also might end up slipping off the ear if sweat starts to build up during workouts or long usage. Our Krankz Classic headphones are great on-ear headphones options because their adjustable comfort-cushioned headband keeps them in place on your head and ears at all times, and our sweat resistant materials make them the perfect pair to take to workouts.


Over-Ear headphones can be bulky and heavy, making them harder to transport. Packing them in the pocket of your coat or in a bag may not be reasonable since they take up a lot of space. If you do choose to travel with them it is important to get a durable case that fits them snug to avoid damage to your headphones. All of our headphones come with a durable case if you find yourself on the go, but Krankz Maxx fans often travel with these bluetooth headphones around their neck when not in use. Krankz Studio quality headphones can be packed up in the durable carrying case with the rest of your equipment when on the go to and from the studio.

On-ear headphones are much more portable since they are smaller in size. Most on-ear headphones fold up and are able to put in a carrying case to bring along on your commute, to the gym, and wherever your day takes you. The Krankz Classic headphones are super lightweight, and with over 45 hours of Bluetooth listening time, you don’t have to worry about carrying around any charging cables.


Arguably the most important factor to take into consideration when shopping for headphones is performance. At Krankz, we stand by “quality over hype.” All of our headphones are built to last, look amazing, and perform better than the competition without the hefty price tag. Our competitors’ over-ear headphones typically have a shorter battery life than smaller bluetooth headphones, but ours perform just about the same as our on-ear headphones at 44-45 hours of listening time.

Krankz Maxx also has active noise cancellation, which blocks out all surrounding sounds so you can focus fully on what you’re listening to with no distractions. And with a 50mm speaker driver, listening quality is top notch. Additionally, Krankz Studio quality headphones have a wide frequency range (5Hz-30kHz) so you can enjoy deeper bass and a more well-rounded, high resolution sound and also have a large 50mm speaker driver for clear listening.

On-ear headphones offer a better sound quality than in-ear headphones, but do not have the noise cancelling capabilities we see with over-ear headphones. Our on-ear headphones, Krankz Classic, still perform at the highest quality with 40mm speaker drivers and Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

While on-ear and off-ear headphones are very similar, it comes down to your personal preference in fit and tech. Krankz offers many styles, so there’s the perfect headphone for everyone. Explore and compare all of our headphones.