Krankz Audio Brand Ambassador Program

  • Personalized page (for increased visibility)
  • Paid Blog Contributions
  • Paid use of your product-based posts on Krankz Audio social media feed
  • Free Product
    • 50 percent discount for personal purchases up to 4x annual
    • 10 percent off (optional) to followers
    • Up to 33% commissions



  • Active IG, FB, Twitter, Tik Tok
    • quality content
    • regular content
    • High Engagement
    • Low sponsored post count
  • 18-26 Age range (or thereabouts)
  • Reside in the United States


How to apply:

Step 1- generate affiliate link to track sales and get paid: ( )

Step 2 – Upload image and bio for your customized page: (


All submitted requests will be approved within 72 hours.

For additional questions please email